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Late Summer Blues,” that nowadays launches a series of six Israeli options at the Monica 4-Plex, could be a lyrical, bittersweet depiction of a special amount for a bunch of Tel Aviv students simply ending their final year of highschool.

Director: Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken
Writers: Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken , Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken
Stars: Bente Børsum, Rolf Kristian Larsen, Heidi Toini

The feelings of uncertainty and dislocation most folks expertise at this juncture in our lives is heightened for these seniors, for it’s the summer of 1970, once young men were dying at the speed of fifteen per week within the War of Attrition. Writer-director Renen Schorr, in an exceedingly powerful feature debut, and writer Doron Nesher, drawing from personal expertise, don’t send messages however instead evoke the tragic inanity of war. “Late Summer Blues” is additional personal than political.

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Schorr divides his film into 3 components and AN epilogue dedicated to Margo (Shahar Segal), UN agency is clearly the film maker’s friend, a dark, curly-haired child forever photography his friends along with his 8-millimeter camera and saved by polygenic disease from military service. the primary to be written of Margo’s 3 nighest buddies square measure Yossi (Omri Dolev), a cheerful John Rubinstein look-alike, needing to become a soldier. Skinny, craggy-faced Arileh (Dor Zweigenbom), UN agency wonders jokingly whether or not he or Golda Meier has the longer nose, is AN embittered protester, spray-can painting “There are not any simply wars” all over he will. Mossi (Yoav Tsafir) is that the musician of the cluster, and it’s he UN agency leads his friends in transforming the category show into a protest against the war. On the non-public front, each Mossi and Arileh square measure captivated by the attractive Noemi (Noa Goldberg), a proficient singer auditioning for an opportunity to entertain the troops.

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